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Service Highlight: Robotic Feild Layout

Integrated Design uses modern technology to ensure we yield accurate results. Thanks to the new Robotic Layout technology, we can provide layout services for our projects. This technology has completely changed the game and provides faster and more accurate layout markings.

What is Layout?

This is referred to as layout when we mark reference points on the construction site from our BIM drawings. These markings locate where rough-end plumbing and electrical need to be placed.

Traditional Layout Method

Traditionally contractors had to rely on manual layout methods. Using string and tape measurer, contractors will measure the dimensions from the printed plans by hand. This has to be done with a two-person or more team and requires precision and lots of time.

Robotic Layout Method

With robotic technology, this process is simplified. By downloading BIM plans to a tablet, the robot interprets these plans and communicates step-by-step directions to locate what points need to be marked. Robotic technology works faster and more intelligently, providing more accuracy. A single worker can lay out 5x more than a two-person team. This technology helps you save time and money.

Robotic Feild Technology not only benefits us, but it benefits our clients. The process of Robotic Layout requires less time and money but also prevents inaccuracies that will cost our clients money to fix. We are proud to be able to use today's most advanced technology to serve our clients as best as we can.


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