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Why Robotic Field Layout?

Every construction project requires field layout services. Thanks to new technology, the layout process has been simplified to become more efficient. We proudly offer our Robotic Field Layout services to our local projects.

Leica iCON iCT30 Construction Layout Tool - Concrete Construction

Traditional Layout

The traditional field layout requires manual string, tape measuring, and multiple people to complete the job. Layout is a tedious job that requires accuracy, which can be time-consuming. Layout services can cost lots of money for the time spent, and workers use and often has inaccurate results.

Robotic Feild Layout

We send coordination drawings to the job site after they are complete and the field layout process begins. From our BIM drawings, we mark reference points where rough-end plumbing and electrical will be placed.

Robotic field layout simplifies the process, making marking reference points faster and more efficient. By downloading or coordinating drawings onto a tablet, the robot interprets these plans and communicates step-by-step directions to locate what issues need to be marked. A single worker can lay out 5x more than a two-person team. This technology helps you save time and money.

Why Robotic Layout?

Robotic field layout is beneficial to all parties involved. Our company saves time by providing efficient and quick layouts. Our employees can complete layout services in an afternoon's work. Our clients receive efficient layouts that require fewer people and less time and save money.

If you are interested in our robotic field layout services, click here to contact us!


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