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BIM Services for Former WPX Energy Building

The WPX Energy Building is a massive 13-story facility that was planned to be the new headquarters office of the well-established WPX Energy Company. The announcement of this project attracted quite an audience since it was expected to provide over 200 new jobs to Tulsa County citizens. However, in 2020, the company unexpectedly merged with Devon Energy, placing the project on hold. The company merger left no need for this new establishment since Devon Energy already has headquarters in Oklahoma City. The former WPX company decided to complete the project and list the office spaces up for rent.

This 270,000-square-foot building sits practically empty, with a law firm being its only tenant. The building is located in the heart of Downtown Tulsa, conveniently located close to several town amenities, such as the Driller's Baseball Stadium, Guthrie Green, and the Bob Dylan Center. Several local shops and restaurants are within walking distance, making this property an excellent location for future tenets who enjoy nightlife.

The architecture of the project is what stands out about this project. The structure's modern architecture blends seamlessly into the 1920s art-deco architecture of downtown Tulsa while still maintaining a unique look. The building features a large tunnel opening connecting the two large buildings. This project has beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows and also features grass on the roof. Tulsa residents hope this $100 million project is well-spent and will eventually become fully occupied.

On Integrated Design's end, this project involved collaboration and BIM management. We worked for OCE Mechanical and provided the electrical. We worked with Platinum Mechanical to design the HVAC and mechanical. Lastly, we did the plumbing for Action Mechanical.


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