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Under One Roof

Unlike many companies in our field, Integrated Design is run under one roof. All our employees work in the same office and collaborate on every project. Working in close quarters allows clear communication between projects and helps us deliver the most accurate drawings. We are an American-owned company and are locally owned and operated. Every service we offer comes out of one office space.

Our leading service is our Shop and Fabrication Drawings. Using BIM Technology, we partner with contractors to clean up MEP drawings and place the specific parts and pieces used on the field. We also offer BIM Coordination services. We can oversee your various MEP drawings and make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Lastly, we offer Robotic Feild Layout services. The traditional layout method requires hours of long work and many people to measure out jobs. Our Robotic Feild Layout only requires one person and gets the job done half the time, saving you time and money. At Integrated Design, our top priority is to treat our clients well and get you the highest quality results.


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