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Who is Integrated Design?

Integrated Design was started in 2006 by Shawn and Rachael Simmons. Shawn's father is a mechanical engineer. Growing up, he spent a lot of time at his office, and by high school had taught himself how to use CAD. After working for several different engineering firms, he and his wife decided to start Integrated Design. The vision for the company was to be able to create building plans for contractors and installers so that they wouldn't have to question the accuracy. Contractors have to follow the plans.


We are a company that keeps up with industry standards and is always ahead of the curve with new technology. The mechanical engineering industry has come a long way from hand-drawn shop drawings to CAD programs and using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. This technology helps get the most accurate drawings with the fastest results.

Robotic Field Layout

We can now connect the coordinated model with the field layout process with robotic technology. Integrated Design is in the offices and is out on the field. We can get the utmost accuracy on our projects using a robotic field layout. The robotic field layout technology synchronizes to our BIM 360 account and can direct you to the exact points on the job site.


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