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Who is Integrated Design?

Who We Are and Who We Help

We are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are an office of eight and work all in the same office. All of our work is done in-house.

We provide Virtual Design Construction and Building Information Modeling services at Integrated Design. We specialize in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades.

Our Why

We are passionate about our work and believe in technology and the implication of technology in the world of vertical construction.

We believe in giving our best towards each project, regardless of size or scope. We believe that a good reputation is the best ingredient for future work. We believe in relationships and trust with our clients. Our principles and beliefs start in our office, and we operate as a team.

What Makes Us Unique

We are an American-owned company based in the U.S. All of our employees are in the same office, and we work together as a team for each project we are involved with. We have quick, Direct, and Clear communication not only with our clients but within our team. We stand behind our work and have a 15-year track record to back it up.


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