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Virtual Design and Construction

At Integrated Design, we use virtual design and construction (also referred to as VDC) within all of our projects. While BIM refers to the entire 3D building model, VDC comprises every project's details. For integrated design, our focus is MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). We also design medical gas and fire protection.

Construction projects cannot afford to have human errors. Thanks to VDC technology, we have a virtual system that allows our designers to do layouts in a to-scale 3D model. These new services help prevent clashes before they happen and make the clash detection process less tedious.

Virtual Design and Construction project

Over the last 30 years, we have continued to adapt to new technology. From CAD to BIM and VDC, and robotic technology, we are never afraid to try new technology. We realize how beneficial modern technology is to our field and how it benefits all parties involved. At Integrated Design, we believe that using today's latest technology only helps to advance our quality and accuracy in producing the best product to meet the needs of every client.


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